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Formed in January of 2013, the Action Committee is focused on activities and initiatives designed to fight pension reform legislation that, if enacted by the legislature, could reduce the pension benefits of both active and retired school employees. The Action Committee is open to any active or retired public school employee. Meeting times and dates will be posted on the PPSREA web page.

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Current News and Views

Pension Reform Link

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Protecting pensions is a moral imperative

                While rethinking pensions, push fairness among teachers

PA Budget Impasse Talks

Gov. Wolf pushes changes to public sector pensions

Pennsylvania Governor Vetoes Pension Bill

Wolf cagey on pension position as Pa. impasse drags on

Wolf vetoes pension measure

Gov. Wolf confirms that he will veto public pension bill

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Altered pension bill would save PA $11 billion over long term, analysis finds

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Letters To PA Legislators (Letter #2)

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Switching Pa.’s Public Pensions Primarily to 401(k)-Style Plans Would Be Harmful to Public Employees

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Bill would get Pa. started on fixing its pension crisis

Pa legislature works_on_pension_property_tax_bills_that_Gov_Wolf_does not_support

Pension Challenge PowerPoint

PA teachers, state employees could see cut in retirement benefits

Senate GOP reform plan would offer pension options to current workers

Retirement savings less of a concern for 995 government retirees

Pa. Pension Plans unlikely to keep promises to workers

Glen Grell to leave House, take top job overseeing school pensions

Pa. Republican Senators hope to win battles over pensions, liquor 

Pa. failed to meet its pension-contribution contractual obligations 

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Pennsylvania Lawmaker Tackles Public Pension Debt 

State legislator picked to head Pa. pension unit

How states got into such a pension fix, and how to get out

Former Pa. Gov. Corbett: From pension critic to collector

PPSREA to meet with Lt. Govenor Stack

In less than 100 days the PA State Legislature will debate and enact pension reform legislation

Wolf’s long climb out of pension hole

From Wolf, record budget and tax in

Senator: If no pension fix —no deal

Funding shortfalls put pensions in peril

State legislature is among nation's most expensive

For millions of Americans, the 401(k) is a failure

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