Electronic Membership Payment

PPSREA Membership and/or PASR Membership Payment

The link below will take you to the PASR membership site where you can:

  1. start or renew your PPSREA yearly membership
  2. start or renew your PASR membership
  3. Do both

If starting or renewing your PPSREA membership, please start at the section which begins with "Title" and complete the requested fields. When finished move to the "State Membership Type" section and select "Philadelphia" from the "Select State Chapter" pull down menu. After selecting your membership type complete the "Payment Information" section and click on the "Submit Application" button. Your membership payment and information will be receive by your local chapter and processed.

If you are starting or renewing your PASR membership, please follow the directions on the site.

Electronic Payment of PPSREA and/or PASR membership dues

Below are the different type of memberships for the Philadelphia Public School Retired Employees Association (PPSREA):

Active ($15 Annually) and Life Membership ($200)

Any retired employee of The School District of Philadelphia who receives a pension from the Pennsylvania School Employees Retirement System (PSERS) is eligible for Active or Life membership. Life-time members pay dues only once.  Active/Annual membership dues are paid each year and cover the period of July 1 to June 30.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is for any current school district employee aged 55 or older. Dues for Associate members are paid annually. The spouses of Active members may also become Associate members. Associate members dues cover the period July 1 to June 30.

You can learn more about membership and our organization in general through our brochure.



Membership Meetings

We hold two general membership luncheon meetings annually. These events have programs that include the following:


• Guest Speakers • Topics of Interest • Entertainment • Recognition of School District Graduates • Election of Officers


PPSREA Membership Application

Contact the membership committee at:

Current school district employees and retirees are encouraged to become members of PPSREA. 

Please click the above link to access and print our membership application.