Lindenbaum Award Committee

Philadelphia Public School Retired Employee Association's

Rose Lindenbaum Award Committee


The Rose Lindenbaum Award is a tribute to the late Rose Lindenbaum, a Philadelphia educator and supervisor who focused on services for special education and at risk children during her career. 

The purpose of this award is to recognize teachers, principals and building engineers who have demonstrated outstanding efforts in supporting a safe and nurturing learning environment, meeting the needs of all students. 

The awardees are nominated by their school community and recognized in the spring.

2015 Rose Lindenbaum Awardees

Kwame Grove, Building Engineer Philadelphia Military Academy, Tilman Hodges, Building Engineering Haratio B. Hackett School, Virgen Garcia, Building Engineer Isaac Sheppard School, Anthony Majewski, Principal Hill-Freedman School, Donna Smith, Principal John Wister School, Joanne Beaver, Principal CAPA High School, Lydia Wilson-Parker School, Special Education Teacher Philadelphia High School for Girls, Lisa Lynch, Special Education Teacher Swenson Skills Center, Pamela Taylor, Special Education Teacher Hill-Freedman School, Jose Ramos, Teacher Cook Wissahickon School, LaDeva Davis, Teacher Creative and Performing Arts High School, Michael Southerton, Teacher – Crossroads @ Meade School, Jessie Todd, Teacher Constitution High School, Julie Ann Woodlin, Teacher Swenson Skills Center, Sophia Carter, Teacher Marshall School, Sherrie Peirce Jeffries, Teacher Rhawnhurst School

The awardees were selected by the PPSREA Rose Lindenbaum Committee chaired by Brenda Taylor. The awards were presented at the Philadelphia School District SRC Meeting by Karen James of the School District of Philadelphia and PPSREA President Elect Vivien Hansbury on May 21, 2015.