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May 12, 2015

Dear Richard Rowland, Executive Director:

Thank you again for allowing Professional Insurance Services, Inc. to administer PASR's Dental
and Vision benefit programs. As we discussed at the May 4, 2015 Committee meeting we are
ited to announce that there is No Dental rate increase for your current benefit structure.

Also discussed, was adding additional enhancements to enrich the current plan. The following is
the pr
icing obtained from United Concordia for each benefit. PISI was able to negotiate the
n of the Preventative Incentive program at No premium increase.

Adding the AM~ Rollover benefit has proven to be a win-win for both the Association members
and the
Association. The member has the ability to roll over unused benefits, up to $300.00 a
year f
or a maximum of $1200.00 over a four year period. In addition, this benefit has proven to
increase plan a
nd renewal participation, which in turn builds and maintains membership!




Current Monthly Rate



1st Mo.





$ 34.37

$ 34.33



2 – party  

$ 66.25

$ 66.25




 $ 102.49





UCCI's Estimated Rate with AMR {Roll over} * (4 year contract)




1st Mo.








$ 35.11


$ 35.07





2 - party

$ 67.67


$ 67.67














*PISI proposes to extend the Administrative Agreement for a four year period in order for the
policyholder and dependents to be able to take full advantage of the Roil over benefit (AMR).

Because of the multiple advantages of offering the Roll over benefit, PISI will agree to a $6.00 increase (individual), $12.00 increase (2-party), and $18.00 increase (family) rather than $8.88, $17.04, and $26.76.

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