PPSREA Leadership

PPSREA 2018 Officers

A team of dedicated and talented officers makes all our efforts possible. Listed below are the 2016 board members.


President - Sherry O. Morris
President-Elect - Mamie Bryan
Treasurer - Vernard Trent
Assistant Treasurer - Theresa McKinzie
Recording Secretary - Hedy Ann Guyer
Corresponding Secretary - Nathania Johnson

PPSREA 2018 Board of Directors:

  • Ann Adderley
  • William Blackwell 
  • Stephanie Childs
  • John Ferrier
  • Stanley Field
  • Theresa Jackson
  • Leonard Kaltz
  • Steven Korsin
  • Christine H. Lindsey
  • Clifford Lipkin
  • Jennifer Plumer-Davis
  • Diane Roberts-Childs
  • William Seiberlich
  • Stephen Spence
  • Brenda Taylor
  • Donald Williams


PASR Region XI Director -  Vivien H. Hansbury

 Region 11 - Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR)

The city of Philadelphia, largely due to its size and nature, has been designated its own region (11). Pennsylvania is divided into 13 geographic regions composed of several cities and territories. Although Philadelphia enjoys a degree of autonomy, its organizational structure and activities remain parallel to the state organization. For example, PPSREA and PASR work closely when it comes to lobbying and legislation so retirees are encouraged to become a part of both organizations.

PPSREA (Philadelphia Public School Retired Employees Association) is Region 11 of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR).  We are actively engaged in providing helpful services and activities to our members.  PPSREA is composed of retirees from every level of employment in the School District of Philadelphia.


Contact us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for more information about our responsive membership association.