Scholarship Committee

Philadelphia Public School Retired Employee Association's

Scholarship Committee

2018 PPSREA Scholarship Recipients

($1,500.00 per student)

Akil McDowall - Paul Roberson High School for Human Services

Aissata Sy - Thomas Ava Edison High School

Surutan Basubi - Horace Furness High School

Ibrahim Taylor - Constitution High School

Ronald O. Magana - George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Our 2018 Scholarship Recipients

2018 Dr. William R. Ross, Jr. Scholarship Recipients

($1,000.00 per student)

Lennal Kalawa - John Bartram High School

Cedrick Kazadi- John Bartram High School

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Our 2018 Scholarship Recipients

The Philadelphia Public School Retired Employees Association Scholarship Committee was reorganized in 2013 under the leadership of Vivien H. Hansbury.  The committee members are Sandra Allen, Barbara Barnett, Rhona Brown, Stephanie Childs, Diane Roberts-Childs, Jennifer Plumer-Davis, Theresa Jackson, Ivy Lewis and Brenda Taylor.

The purpose of the Scholarship Committee is to select scholarship recipients from the School District of Philadelphia. The identified school must have a diverse population, be either a Comprehensive High School or a Technical High School, and be located in different geographical areas of the School District of Philadelphia. The number of the awardees and amount of the award will be decided yearly.

The committee develops a schedule, selects the schools, interviews the students, and presents the award at either the graduation or/and awards program.

Criteria for selection:

  1. Graduation from a Philadelphia High School
  2.  Acceptance at a  Community College or 4 Year College
  3.  Recommendation from either the principal, counselor, or teacher
  4. Submission of a PPSREA Scholarship Application by the deadline