Listed below is a listing of committees sponsored by the Philadelphia Public School Retired Emplyees Association. The listing provides the name of the committee, the chairperson(s), and committee members. For a more in-depth look at each committee, click on the committee name to be taken to that committee's webpage.


Committees Sponsored by PPSREA

Action Committee
John M. Ferrier, Chairperson
Awards Committee
Theresa McKinzie, Chairperson
By-laws Committee

Jennifer Plumer-Davis, Chairperson

Community Service Committee


Convention Committee

Dr. Stephanie T. Childs, Chairperson

Cultural Committee
Claudione Coleman/Micki Singleton/Donald K. Williams, Tri-Chairperson
Finance Committee
 Dr. Vernard W. Trent Chairperson
Fitness & Photography Committee

Steven Korsin, Chairperson

Legislative Committee

John M. Ferrier & David Kaplan, Co-Chairpersons

Rose Lindenbaum Award Committee
Membership Benefit Services (PASR)
Sherry O. Morris
Membership Committee

Celestine F. Welcome, Chairperson

Nominations Committee


Nonagenarian Committee

Theresa Jackson, Chairperson
Photography Committee

Stephen V. Spence, Chairperson

Pride of PPSREA Committee

Yvonne J. Jones, Chairperson

Program Committee
Yvonne J. Jones, Chairperson
Publications Committee
Edward E. Itzenson, Chairperson
Public Relations
Judy Y. Gaskins & Nathania T. Johnson, Co-Chairpersons
Hazel G. Ranieri Committee


Retirement Planning Committee

Jennifer Plumer-Davis, Chairperson

Scholarship Committee
Dr. Stephanie T. Childs, Chairperson
Seminar Committee

John M. Ferrier, Chairperson

Service/Townsend Committee

Stephen Spence/Thery McKinzie/Vernard Trent/Leonard Kaltz,
Social Committee

Stephanie Mitchell, Chairperson

Sunshine/Gratuities Committee

Barbara W. Barnett & Makmie E. Bryan, Co-Chairpersons

Technology Committee
Stephen V. Spence & Vernard Trent, Co-Chairpersons
Telephone Communications Committee

Barbara W. Barnett/ Chairperson